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Igor would be proud...

OK, so my friends and I were playing the last of a Gurps WW2 campaign last night. We were co-ordinating a plan with Allied forces to attack a Nazi air base. We would provide the distraction, they would send in paratroopers.

I bet y'all can tell where this is headed.

Anyway, we do the old "jury-rig-a-truck-to-ram-the-front-gate" trick, which allows us to commandeer(or at least try) a few surrounding anti-aircraft guns. All goes well, until one of us sees what look like oil tanks and tries to shoot it.

I know what you're thinking...

It turned out that the tanks contained mustard gas and anthrax, with which the Nazis were planning to bombard London. As you could probably guess, the tanks go up, sending nasty stuff all over the place. Only one member of our party made it alive, as the others were caught in the gas. Luckily, my character was shot dead before the tanks went boom. Of the 12 sent in originally, only 3 survived this little sortie.

Like I said, Igor would be proud. :)
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